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Chong Cafe Swimtastic Event Featured Image


MANILA, PHILIPINES – November 29 was a highly anticipated day for all Students enrolled in Bert Lozada Swimming School. Chong Café was one of the Sponsors of this event. The main highlight of this event was for all children in swimming teams to be placed in an environment where the desire for self-improvement in pursuit of excellence is achieved.
The competition started early in the morning at the Philippine Columbian Association Swimming pool. All of the participants were given an Event Passport to visit all of the event sponsors and stamp a mark showing that they visited the booth. Every passport was given 2 coupons to claim various gifts. One of the gifts included a free cup of any flavour at the Chong Café booth.
We set-up our booth inside the Gathering Hall of the event where they tasted our Creamier and Tastier Chong Café flavors. Some entrepreneurs got Chong Café Negosyo leaflets and asked our team members to enlighten them on how should they start their own vending business and its profitability.
We at Chong Café appreciate the partnership of PMCM Event Management who organized this event, an event which promoted sportsmanship within our children. The Chong Café vendo team also gave away Magic Mugs.
We at Chong Café also appreciate the team of Bert Lozada for coming up with this event, especially the, Awarding Ceremony, which recognized the swimmers for their performance. We at Chong Café enjoyed seeing and hearing these swimmers screaming with excitement.
The event ended with a big smile from all swimmers, sponsors, parents, friends and us at Chong Café, who took time off that Saturday to help promote swimming and sportsmanship among the youth, our future.

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