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Chong Cafe World Food Expo Manila Image


It’s the fourth of August. All are busy preparing for the biggest show in the food and beverage industry. Taking both prime exhibition locations World Trade Centre and SMX Mall of Asia, World Food Expo (WOFEX) again proves its supremacy amongst other exhibitions across the Philippines. The Paper Packaging team, Chong Café Vendo team and Camvision CCTV & IP teams of Shanghai Global came in early afternoon that Tuesday August 4th for the ingress.

Fifth of August, first day of the event, the Shanghai Global teams came in strong by offering an array of innovative products, from Camvision CCTV AHD and IP Cameras and systems, to Chong Café Vendo Machines. The Food Packaging department also showcased a full line-up of food packaging products, from meal bowls to cups. The Chong Café Vendo team offered a discounted vendo price for its fast- selling Chong Café Vendo Package, with its exhibit price at Php 11,990, instead of the regular price of Php 12,700. The Camvision Team set its focus on selling affordable Camvision 4 X 4 CCTV AHD Kits, which comes with 4 cameras, 80 meters, 1 DVR and 1 TB Hard Disk with Free Installation at Php 14,990. Camvision also came in with a theme called “#ayokonasaLowRes – Ive been HDfied”.

The Shanghai Global team was also blessed on the other days of the event, as it generated good sales and potential relationships coming in from various parts of the country. The Shanghai Global team thanks its visitors and the WOFEX Organizing committee for coming up with a show like this, which serves as a great avenue to expose its products, meet old friends and create new ones.

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