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Chong Cafe Pampanga Motorcade Featured Image


Collaboration with Pampanga Distributor MOY Cafe – Jun Lising
SEPTEMBER 21-22, 2015 – Monday & Tuesday

Exactly five in the morning, the team had early morning breakfast and started the day heading to our Pampanga Distributor MOY CAFÉ as we are set to dress up their saturator – a motorcycle with built in sidecar as storage. Jun Lising, appointed Operations Manager of the company are also busy preparing his stuff. After the saturator dress-up which can now be identified as CHONG SATURATOR, we then proceed to the start off point, PUREGOLD Dau branch.

The participants gather as we provide them with the trademark yellow balloons, the color that we intend to use to identify Chong. The event was supported by LEHM of Pampanga – a group of riders in the area and the VENOM Group of Pampanga – an NGO group in Pampanga. The main organizer of the event headed by Mr. Roland Jota of COBSAF Phlippines (Community Base Support and Assistance Force of the Philippines) was in full force wearing their yellow COBSAF polo shirts which coincides and complements with our yellow theme approach. A total of 70 riders with more or less 40-50 motorcycles line-up in front of us thus giving us good highlights as we parade the NEW CHONG SATURATOR and our PICANTO 6 Black unit carrying the CHONG logo.

And the show begins as all engines started and took off with a perfect line of riders with a yellow balloons alongside with us in the rear followed by the BAND. The tour moves and roam around Pampanga starting from Puregold – DAU heading to Xevera Highway Mabalacat, Pampanga. Everything was perfectly orchestrated as MOY CAFÉ Jun Lising are enjoying his tour taking videos and pics back and forth alongside his MOY CAFE buddy PONG.

After the tour, the group went to the last stop, Mabalacat Multi-Purpose Covered Court. From there, they conducted a program which highlights us as one of the major sponsors. COBSAF gave special citation to LEHM and VENOM Group as support team. COBSAF head Mr. Roland Jota cited all the new programs line-up including the PILIPINAS KABUHAYAN CARAVAN which will have a 25 day TOUR from QUEZON CITY to BATANGAS CITY. Pilipinas Kabuhayan Caravan is a Regional COBSAF Tour which aims to promote Tourism in all Regions in cooperation with the City Municipal Mayor. The Tour is also a perfect timing for candidates campaign rally as it is technically coordinated with politicians. I got the privilege to talk directly to Mr. Roland Jota and understand the tour and even considered as one of possible sponsors to be invited (if we wish to). After the talk, the group then proceeded to DUQUIT MABALACAT Elementary School and made additional sampling with more than 100 elementary students highlighting our CHOCO products. The sampling runs for more than an hour because of the warmth welcome of the kids to our product. After the sampling, we went back to the cover court and finish the event with an open forum.

What’s good about this event is the opportunity we got in support with our new Pampanga distributor, we also got very good mileage as we perform yet another breakthrough event – the CHONG Ka Vendo Negosyo MOTORCADE. Follow us with our next remarkable trip SOON.

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