Hi There,

Thank you for your interest in being part of our growing family of distributors
across the country. I’m Johnny and I would like to personally invite you to get in touch
with me directly at 0917 876 3632 or 0998 860 0448 and check if we are still looking for distributors in your area.

You are qualified to be a distributor, dealer or an operator in your area if your
answer is YES to any of these questions 🙂

  • Are you currently a distributor of FMCG, food products or other
    products within your area?
  • Do you own a place or a store where you are currently selling various
    types of merchandise (hardware, appliances, bakery, electrical stores
    or others)?
  • Are you looking for a profitable business and have some capital to
    invest so you can start distributing in your area?
  • Are you currently a distributor of other Vendo Machines, Powders
    and Paper Cups and looking for a company who could give you tastier
    powders, lower wholesale pricing, higher distributor profit margins,
    faster technical support, better service and branding support?
  • Do you have existing vending machines in various places and you
    need a steady supplier for consumables (powder and cups) and spare parts?
  • Or would you like to just purchase consumables (powder and cups)
    at discounted pricing to resell in your stores or resell to your existing
    vending machine operators?
  • Or would you like to simply carry these consumables along with the
    other products you’re currently selling?
  • Or any other possibilities that I have not mentioned? 🙂

Anything is possible.

We do any or all of the below,

  • Come visit you in your city and present to you the business and its
    profitability and provide product training and support as well.
  • Assign one of our Area Distributor Specialists to help set you up, train
    and work with your sales people during their sales trips.
  • Give you marketing paraphernalia which will help you promote the
    product and business within your area of coverage.
  • Support you to help promote the brand within your area and nationally
    and help create leads for you.
  • Meet with you regularly to discuss strengths, weaknesses, opportunities
    and threats as experienced by your sales team, and discuss on what we
    could jointly do to make it better
  • Cascade marketing programs on a regular basis to help generate leads
    and increase sales.
  • Exhibit in close to 12 exhibitions per year in Metro Manila and various
    parts of the country and pass on the sales leads to you for you to deliver.

If there’s anything else I missed, do let me know 🙂

I can be reached at 0917 876 3632 or 0998 860 0448. I can also be reached via my email addresses or

I am looking forward to hearing from you and partnering up with you soon.

Best regards,

Johnny Chotrani
Vice President
0917 876 3632 or 0998 860 0448

Chong Café, one of the departments of Shanghai Global Corporation, exhibits in various tradeshows across the country, such as WOFEX, AFEX and Franchise Asia Philippines among others.

Chong Café supports its partners by doing various advertising and mareting strategies aimed to promote both the brand and the business of our distributors.

Chong Café is headquartered in Sta Mesa Manila, wherein we manufacture goods, ship it to our distributors nationwide.