Features and Advantages

Advantages of the Chong Vending Business

  • Low Capital, High Returns of Investment
  • Refreshing and Tasty flavors for Hot Drinks and Cold Drinks
  • Nationwide Delivery
  • Sales and technical support available via landlines, mobile phone, viber, messenger and Facebook Page
  • Youtube Videos available
  • Order via Lazada or Website direct
  • Many Payment Channels, such as BDO, MetroBank, others
    Vending Machine Features
    • Easy to install, operate and maintain
    • P5.00 Peso-Coin-operated vending machine
      • Easy to disable the Coin-Accepting Mechanism and serve the drinks for free
      • Easy to set the vending machine to accept 1, 2 or more coins per flavor. Example: Sell your first flavor for P5.00 (two P5.00-peso coins), second flavor for P10.00 (two P5.00-peso coins) and the third flavor for P15.00 (three P5.00-peso coins)
    • Coin Recognition Technology – your vending machine comes with a ‘smart coin acceptor” that recognizes and accepts the P5.00-peso coin
    • Coin Rejection Ability – the ‘smart coin acceptor” rejects coins other than the P5.00 peso coin and returns this rejected coin
    • One Unique Key for each Vending Machine
    • Inventory counter feature — checks on how many cups have been dispensed for each flavor
    • Automatic Cup Dispensing
      • Vending machine currently set to serve drinks on paper cups
      • The auto-cup dispensing feature can also be disabled if you would like to use your own cup or mug
    • Easy powder volume setting – you can set the powder volume to increase or decrease the dispense of powder per serving so you can strengthen or weaken the taste of your drink
    • Easy water volume setting – you can set the water volume to increase or decrease the dispense of water per serving, depending the size of your cup
    • Vending Machine, whether cold or hot, can accept 6.5 oz cup or 8 oz cups
    • No Attendant Necessary
    • One Year Limited Warranty
    • Excellent After-Sales Support