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Chong Cafe Sampling Event and Motorcade in Bicol

Bicol Sampling Event with Chong Cafe Vending Distributor

Sharing a Cup of Our Story in Bicol

TABACO City Sampling Event
July 10-12, 2015 – 1st LEG
Chong Café is not just your P5 coffee buddy anymore, we are also extending our best effort in sharing our product nationwide with our #sarapnglibre campaign. I wish to share some of our best experiences on where our coffee vendo dispensed its cup for FREE. Care for a cup of story?

Another busy day as the TEAM sets up its Exhibit paraphernalia as early as 6:00am. I together with our DS in the area was fully supported by our Legaspi Distributor with this 1st LEG of activity. We also hired the services of an attractive promo girl to add spice in our coffee sampling. We also introduced and provided our TEAM with our yellow version KaVendo Negosyo Shirt. We also adopted the sticker concept but this time we try it with the regular means of transportation in the area – the PADYAK or simply known as the TRISIKAD. Selling was also offered in the area.

July 24-26, 2015 – 2ND LEG
As for the 2nd LEG which was recently concluded, the TEAM yet performed another mileage by doing a simplified version of MOTORCADE. We set-up a motorcade by hiring the services of 10 PADYAK’s and ask for the police assistance, the city mayor gave us a POLICE MOBILE instead. The motorcade was dress-up with yellow and white balloons paired with a 2×3 standard portrait streamer. With at least 30 minutes of rounds within the area, CHONG will definitely be a cup to remember.

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