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Chong Cafe Vending Machine Dormitories Image


Students and employees who stay in dormitories normally would like to have many things as convenient as possible, since they are out most of the time, the last thing they would want to do is do household chores and cook food among others. That’s why many eateries are located nearby

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Chong Cafe Vending Machine Cooperative Offices Image


Cooperatives exist all over the Philippines. Many cooperatives or associations are formed by people, whose common objective is to help its members. Help can be in the form of loans for Negosyong Pangkabuhayan,, or it can be buying things at bigger volume so the cooperative can get a volume discount.

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Chong Cafe Vending Machine Sarisari Store Owners Calculation Image


Do you have a sari sari store? Or do you have a friend who has a sari sari store or convenience store? Are there a lot of people coming in to your store, or are there a lot of people passing by your store? if you don’t have your own

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Chong Cafe Vending Machine Schools Image


Putting vending machines in school canteens and nearby schools where students, teachers and employees of the school have lunch and snacks is a great idea. This is what you call “captured market” because every weekday, there will be people going to canteens to buy food and drinks among others. You

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Chong Cafe Vending Machine Government Offices Image


Another place where there are always long lines of people and people waiting are government offices. Examples are LTO, SSS, Philhealth and many many more. In government offices, you have two captured markets. One is government employees and the second is the general public who comes to either apply or

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