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Chong Cafe Vending Machine Canteens Image

Chong Cafe Vending Machine in Canteens

Setup Chong Cafe Vending Machines in Canteens Whether school canteen, or office canteen or other canteens – no canteen is complete without hot and cold drinks. Putting a vending machine to serve both hot and cold drinks completes the experience and also saves the time and money of the restaurant

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Chong Cafe Vending Machine Internet Shops Image


Internet shops or Computer Gaming shops or Business Service Centers are there in almost Computer shops are becoming common nowadays. The so called PISONET are gaining popularity due to its affordability, don’t you think a P5 COFFEE would be a better partner? It would be better trying a good pair

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Chong Cafe Vending Machine Carwash Shops Image

Chong Cafe Vending Machine in Carwash Shops

Start Your Chong Cafe Vending Machines in Carwash Shops One place wherein waiting is guaranteed is a car wash shop. When one brings their car to the car wash area, then for sure, the driver or the car owner has to wait for some time before the car or vehicle

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Chong Cafe Vending Machine Funeral Parlors Image


Funeral parlors and memorials normally offer packages to the bereaved ones. Packages which include caskets, flowers, food and drinks among others. Other bereaved ones normally bring their own vending machine to the site. We even have customers who are entrepreneurs and buy vending machines from us, and rent it out

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Chong Cafe Vending Machine Pharmacies Image


A good venue to have vending machines are pharmacies, since there are people who always come to purchase medicines. Sometimes, the lines to the cashier are also long, so many customers prefer having a drink while waiting for their turn. Also, pharmacies today are just like convenience stores or mini-supermarkets.

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