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Chong Cafe Vending Machine To Be Served For Factory Workers Instantly


Factories and manufacturing firms with an employee of more than a thousand is a perfect venue for a coffee vending machine business. Workers and employees working round the clock would mind a sip of coffee before and after work, this equation simply best described how worthy this machine is. Investment

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Chong Cafe Vending Machine Public Market Image


Public markets or palengkes are also very good places where to put vending machines. Market stall owners start their work early every day which means they always need coffee or hot choco along with their breakfast. Many shoppers also come to the public market throughout the day. Some come really

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Chong Cafe Vending Machine Restaurants Image


No restaurant or carinderia is complete without hot and cold drinks. Putting a vending machine to serve both hot and cold drinks completes the experience and also saves the time and money of the restaurant owner. Instead of letting the restaurant employees make the drink manually, which takes time and

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Chong Cafe Vending Machine Construction Sites Image

Chong Cafe Vending Machine in Construction Sites

Install Chong Cafe Vending Machines in Construction Sites In a progressive country, there is always a new construction going on. May it be a building, or a road, or anything. This means there are construction workers who either work on one shift of 8 hours upto 3 shifts of 24

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Chong Cafe Vending Machine Hospital Sites Image


Another place which normally has high foot traffic are public and private hospitals. Food concessionaires having places inside these hospitals is always the perfect venue. Otherwise, you can always have stand-alone vending machines positioned in waiting areas, such as cashier area or registration areas. Start your vending business today: Contact

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