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MORETTI S2 COFFEE MAKER – 1.5 LITERS 20-BAR ESPRESSO MACHINE with Accessories & Coffee Grinder


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MORETTI Espresso Coffee Maker Machine with Milk Frothing Steam – 1.5 LITERS 20-BAR ESPRESSO MACHINE with Accessories

• Tamper with Mat
• Pitcher for frothing
• Brush

• The biggest upgrade is use the boiler of Tsukuba, Japan, Smart heating system, durable!
• 20Bar pressure makes the coffee more fragrant and mellow
• Italian big Brand-ODE supply Upgrade the Second Generation Water Pump, safe and durable
• Material safety: high quality stainless steel, Food grade material
• Precise temperature control, accurate to 0.1°C
• Production taste: Espresso, Latte, Cappuccino, Mocha, Fancy coffee, etc..
• Automatic high temperature power-off protection
• Automatic pressure protection
• Flat bottom Portafilter
• Fancy milk froth making system
• Warm cup plate
• Manually adjust the coffee strength to suit different tastes
• Amount of steam adjust as you like
• Steamed coffee powder can quickly extract coffee powder and deep extract of CREMA
• Detachable water tray for easy cleaning
• Automatic Descaling

• 92 degrees and 20Bar (not 15Bar) can extract coffee aroma and golden crema
• Easily pull out all kinds of fancy coffee
• Removable and easy to clean
• High temperature resistant
• Dense milk foam coffee companion
• Never rust
• Safe and worry free
• 1 Year Warranty FREE OF CHARGE

1.Mocaccino – The perfect combination of chocolate and latte, coffee or capuccino, more and more mellow.
2.Black Coffee- Bitter, fresh, comfortable
3.Ice Mocaccino- The perfect combination of chocolate latte and ice cubes becomes more mellow.
4.It can make Espresso, American, latte, Cappuccino, Mocha, etc..

💖Better coffee starts with a quality burr grinder. The Burr Grinder with Scale is built with stainless steel conical burrs to deliver consistent grind size for the optimal coffee extraction. To preserve the delicate flavors of coffee, always grind right before you brew. Brew like a pro barista, without being one, by programming the exact dose you need for your daily routine. And grind exactly the amount you need to maximize the usage of every single coffee bean.

🎁 PRECISION GRINDING – The conical burr coffee grinder with stepless control design and , at reasonable noise level creates less friction and heat, protecting flavor and aroma even during extended grinding . You can get a range of size selection from finest (espresso grind) to coarsest (for French press or steeping cold brew), customizing your needs.

🎁 STATIC-FREE CONICAL BURR COFFEE GRINDER-The machine adopts centrifugal force hypoxia preservation technology, which has the function of removing static electricity. The anti-static technology makes the ground coffee chamber mess-free, not only improving your user experience, but also making the most of every bean, avoiding wasting beans.

🎁 FIRST-CLASS QUALITY – The burr coffee grinders Designed with the stainless steel conical burr, avoids overheating the coffee beans which better


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