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Chong Palamig Juicer Package – DUO 9 LITERS


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Chong Palamig Juicer 9 liter x 2 tab Package:

Package Inclusion:
• Juicer 9 liter x 2 tab
• 8 Kgs Palamig Powder Mix
• 1 Box 8 oz Paper Cups (1000 pcs)

Product Description:
• Cold Temperature 7-12 degree
• Power Wattage – 280 watts
• Voltage 220V / 60hz

• Stainless Push Type
• 2 Crystal Clear Acrylic Container
• Easy to Clean
• Fast Cooling Juicer
• Safety Features
• Powerful Motor
• Durable Construction

• 1 User Manual
• 1 Warranty Card
• 1 lot Machine Spare Parts

Multiple Flavors, One Machine:
Offer a diverse menu with multiple juice flavors available in a single dispenser.
Chong provides a versatile solution for catering to different tastes and preferences.

Efficient Dispensing System:
Serve drinks quickly and efficiently with Chong’s precision dispensing system.
Reduce wait times for customers, especially during peak hours.

User-Friendly Interface:
Chong prioritizes ease of use with a user-friendly interface for operators.
Minimize training requirements and streamline your beverage service.

Easy Maintenance:
Simplify cleaning and maintenance routines with Chong’s design that facilitates easy disassembly.
Spend less time on upkeep and more time serving customers.

Durable Construction:
Choose Chong for a robust and durable juice dispenser that withstands heavy usage.
Chong products are built with quality materials for long-lasting performance.

Space-Saving Design:
Optimize your counter or service area with Chong’s compact and space-saving design.
Maximize efficiency without compromising on capacity.

Temperature Control:
Chong Juice Dispensers offer precise temperature control to maintain the ideal serving conditions.
Ensure that your juices are always served at the perfect temperature.

Customization Options:
Tailor your juice offerings with customizable settings for sweetness and consistency.
Chong provides flexibility to meet specific customer preferences.

Visual Appeal:
Enhance the visual appeal of your beverage station with Chong’s modern and attractive design.
Chong Juice Dispensers contribute to the aesthetic appeal of your business.

Energy Efficiency:
Save on operating costs with Chong’s energy-efficient technology.
Chong is committed to providing environmentally friendly solutions.

Customer Satisfaction:
Prioritize customer satisfaction with Chong’s reliable and high-performance juice dispensing system.
Positive reviews and customer loyalty speak to the quality and appeal of Chong products.

• Read manual before use
• Regular Cleaning
• Check Leakage after clean and before use
• Refill Promptly
• Use Drip Tray

• Use Sticky or Sugary Residues
• Neglect Cleaning
• Mix Incompatible Flavors
• Overfill of Mixture
• Close area of Exhaust

Weight 35 kg
Dimensions 40 × 50 × 80 cm


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