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Chong No Cup No Coin Hot Vending Machine


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Chong No Cup No Coin Hot Vending Machine Features:

• Three (3) Canister Vending Machine for Three (3) of your favorite drinks, Coffee, Choco and more… PLUS a Hot Water Tap

• Have Your Drink Your Way. Sobrang Tapang ba? Sobrang Tabang ba? Adjust the Volume of the Powder and Water to make your drink stronger or weaker

• Need Hot Water for your Instant Noodles, Oatmeal or simply to drink? Hot Water Tap Now Available

• Choose your source of Water. Water Bottle can be as usual on top, or can be at the bottom. Simply connect a hose between the Water Bottle and the Machine

• Choose your Cup Size, and enjoy your drink without limits

• Need to put your own brand? Customizable Artwork Display Available with Front Backlight

• Choose on how Hot you want it. Adjust your temperature to your desire

• Great for businesses, convenience stores, companies, offices, and many many more

Why Choose Chong No Cup No Coin Coffee Machine?

• Simplicity and Convenience: Enjoy your drink hassle-free, whether coffee or choco or cappuccino or others, with a vending machine that requires no coins or cups. Simplified with our user-friendly design.

• Environmentally Friendly: Choose your cup or glass or mug that fits your appetite and desire

• Innovative Technology: Chong No Coin No Cup utilizes innovative features for a modern and efficient coffee-making process.

• Customization Options: With just a few clicks, you can adjust your powder volume and make it weaker or stronger. Tapang ba? Matabang ba? No problem, i-adjust natin. Kulang ba yung tubig sa isang serving? You can adjust your water volume to make it more or less, depending on the size your cup or mug or glass.

• Time-Saving: Save valuable time in the morning. Chong No Coin No Cup ensures a quick and efficient coffee brewing process.

• Customer Satisfaction: Maging kampante with Chong Cafe Phils, Philippine’s ultimate leader in supply of vending machines, food equipment and consumables. Dito sa Chong, may peace of mind ka, kasi we provide industry-leading warranties for all our products.

Weight 25 kg
Dimensions 37 × 51 × 73 cm


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